Venecia's Earthling

Bill Brady, a highly-placed U.S. official is abducted by the beautiful and otherworldly Venecia and transported across the galaxy to the planet Aequatanus. There he discovers a world at peace with prosperity, health and contentment enjoyed by all its inhabitants.

Bill returns to Earth on a mission to promote the principles he has observed. The process begins with proposals for a reformed United Nations, improved continental alliances, and neutralization of weapons of mass destruction along with others. A romance between Bill and his beautiful alien hostess is deftly woven throughout the book to make for an enjoyable read.

While fictional in form, VENECIA'S EARTHLING contains a potential blueprint of our evolving world organization and order. The literary content, charts and explanatory notes in particular, set out ideas intended to stimulate constructive thinking as we begin to shape our coming world and move forward in the 21st Century and beyond.


"Venecia's Earthling kidnaps the reader, along with the hero, to a distant galaxy where an advanced civilization and romance awaits. But the Hero's extraordinary adventure soon becomes a passionate mission as he returns to Earth armed with a vision and a blueprint for a new world order - one that will bring peace and equity to our troubled planet. Venecia's Earthling is a timely and serious work, wrapped in a fictional tale, but so thought provoking and with such depth that it will draw the reader back again and again. A thoroughly engrossing read."

- Kathleen Kirkwood, award winning author


VENECIA'S EARTHLING is a visionary work on the developing earth democracies and advanced life in the universe. The book culminates with the "Manifesto of Humankind." Its Preamble defines the purpose of life and conveys a message appropriate for the holiday season.

Preamble to the Manifesto of Humankind

The purpose of life is to perpetuate and preserve it; to enjoy Nature's beauty, resources, and environment; to serve as caretakers of those areas of the Universe in which it resides; to strive to improve the standards and quality of life for all living beings; and to enjoy and engage in social intercourse while respecting the rights of others to participate and share, therein, to attain life's ideal expression.